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The Slow Europe Contest 2019


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Contest 2019 Winner!
Italy, Le Marche - San Cristoforo, -- Peter and I have communicated and we are looking forward to a great time in 2020.


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Contest 2019 Winner!
Suzanne (and Tom) choose:

France, Provence - Le Mas Perreal, 1 week for 2 people in an apartment on an estate (mas) near Saint Saturnin-Les-Apt in the Luberon, Provence. (July and August excluded.)

We are very excited that this prize was still available when became our turn to pick since it was one of the prizes that we had flagged right from the beginning!!

We won't be able to use it until 2020, but that will give us lots of time to plan our trip!!!

Thank you, Kevin and Elisabeth, for offering this prize. We look forward to meeting both of you.


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@Eleanor has withdrawn from the contest (because none of the remaining prizes work for her) and Steve has drawn another name to add to the end of the winners list.

Number 17 on the winner list is - @Kathy

We are getting down to the last few prizes and they may not suit everyone. If you want to pass, either post here or send me a message, now or when it comes to your turn. We will draw new names until all the prizes are chosen.


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I am so thrilled and grateful to be one of the winners. It is the first time I have ever won anything non-work related! However, I do not want to claim a prize that I may not be able to ultimately use and right now, I don’t know if I will be able to commit to spending time in Rome or Paris by April 2021. Sadly, I am going to pass, so that someone else can enjoy one of the great prizes left. Thank you again, Pauline, for organizing this contest and thank you to all the generous donors!


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@Kathy has chosen the Paris Find prize, a day with Michael Osman in Paris.

@Linda Yoder it is your turn to choose.

We drew another name and @Jabez was chosen. He will choose after Linda.

The remaining prizes are:
Italy, Rome - 3 Millennia Tours - the winner chooses one of two options:
Option 1: one day private tour (up to 4 people) in Rome with Tony Polzer. (Tony is usually available in June, July, September, October; does not include Vatican tour)

Option 2: 50% discount on one day private tour (up to 4 people) in Rome from anyone on the 3 Millennia team.

Italy - Italy for Wine Lovers - the winner chooses one of two options:
Option 1: 3 to 4 hours with wine expert Tony Polzer in Rome (wine tasting or wine dinner) or at your home if you live in the Philadelphia/Baltimore/DC area. (This includes the wine expert's time but not the cost of wine or food *see notes below.)

Option 2: 50% discount from the fee for 3 to 4 hours with a wine expert in Italy (wine tasting or wine dinner). We have wine experts based in Rome, Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Piedmont, Sicily, etc. (This includes the wine expert's time but not the cost of wine or food *see notes below.)

*Details for Italy for Wine Lovers prize. This prize constitutes the wine experts time and does not include any wine or food. For the wine tasting or wine dinner, the wine and food will be based on the winner's interests and budget and will be payable directly to the wine bar or restaurant. Option 1 with Tony Polzer (Tony is a certified Italian Wine Ambassador) can only be redeemed while Tony is in Rome (Tony is usually available in June, July, September, October). For the in-home event in the Philadelphia/Baltimore/DC area, Tony will work with the winner to secure wine for the event based on the winner's budget. The in-home event can only be redeemed while Tony is Stateside (Tony is usually available from the November to May and all of August).

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