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Travel Plans 2019?


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I've already booked "Return to the Cotswolds" and the "Luberon Walking Week" with Kathy and Charley's European Experiences in July and September. I loved my Cotswolds experience with them in 2017. Another mutual friend from this forum is also going on the Return.

Yet another mutual friend from the forums and I are talking about getting away in May, too. TBD I've asked her to think about her top three places to visit in Europe and I'll think about mine.

I'll be 65 in December, so I'm going to live it up (travel a lot) in 2019.


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I think we will go back to Israel for a month in March/April since we had such a good trip there this year. And 3 - 4 weeks in Switzerland in August/September like are doing this year. Same place - Lenk. This has become a regular trip for us (this year will be our 5th year going to Lenk). I am not sure where else. We need to schedule some time to travel more in the UK and Ireland!

Sharon J

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Back to Sant'Antonio at the end of May, 2019, then Varenna on Lake Como, ending in Venice. We can no longer travel in the Fall, as a hurricane has hit our area two years in a row. We kennel our dogs, and someone has to pick them up, once evacuation is ordered. We have friends, but don't feel comfortable, knowing they would have to leave town with them. This past Fall, we had to cut our vacation short by a week in France, because of the Hurricane. We lost our money on the second weeks rental, and were lucky to get two seats on the flights home. Needless to say all middle seats, but at least, we got home in time to retrieve the babies, before our friends left town. Now our travels are limited to once a year.


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My plans are completely stalled for 2019, and that's so unusual for me! My daughter just got engaged, and while she and I have discussed the benefits (to her) to NOT getting married, I think in the end she'll do it, so I'm sort of waiting for her to decide, but right now they're in the process of selling his house, getting her house ready to put on the market, and trying to get their new house ready - so I can't really ask for more details or even a date! She always said if she got married again it would be at the Grand Hotel in Michigan (setting for "Somewhere in Time" with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves, so that would probably make July or August the most likely months....but even that doesn't help much.

I've tossed around several ideas on the boards - taking a TA cruise over, staying in France for a few weeks, then heading to Italy.....OR the thought of a safari in Africa really interested me - until I realized how expensive it was going to be....AND I've also thought about going back to Scotland, which I would want to do in August for the Royal Tatoo and the Edinburgh Festival. Whatever we decide, Italy will certainly be in the mix, but for now I remain very frustrated!


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4 weeks in Italy in February. Will take a quick trip down to Calabria from Rome to visit Figline Vegliaturo where my MIL was born. Will be in Venice for part of Carnevale. Air France changed every single one of our flights, so I called global ticketing last week and we were changed to KLM, all business class for our troubles. We are so used to Air France so hope KLM is as good an experience for us.


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I hope the flights are wonderful, too, and that they don't reschedule. Air France rescheduled us to travel from Paris to Vancouver on 28 February, but from Venice to Paris on the 27th. That just wasn't going to work for us. We were then rescheduled to leave Vancouver on the 29th of January, get to Paris on the 30th, and then go to Rome on the 31st. We briefly contemplated having the one day and night in Paris, but that's not the point of this trip.


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Cameron, glad you enjoyed the Cotswold trip & are returning for more trips with Kathy.

I take a trip with my mom every year & she thinks she only has a few more years of travel before her arthritis makes these journeys too difficult. So, with that in mind we are going on 2 trips in 2019. We are going on the Luberon Celebration week with Kathy and Charley (our 3 trip to the Luberon with them) in the fall followed by a week in Rome.
In May of 2019 we are going to northern Italy (Bologna, Modena, Vicenza, Milan, etc.) A friend that we met through the European Experiences trips is joining us as well!

My husband and I are also having fun thinking about a long (1-2 month) trip in 2020 after our youngest starts college.


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PROVENCE ! The Luberon! We've booked the accommodations !!! Four weeks in Fontaine de Vaucluse !!! Until we started planning this trip, I didn't realize how much I missed our trips to Europe. We've been spending our travel budget on New Zealand because my MIL is in her 90s so we go see her every year. Can't wait for 2019. I briefly considered trying to organize a GTG while in Provence but I can just imagine my husband saying "And didn't you say you wanted to relax?"


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On the "Travel Plans 2018?" thread I said that we don't have plans to travel this year, and now it appears that we are going to Italy this autumn (at least that's what the flight tickets say....).
So I am hopefully trying this scheme again : "we have no plans to travel in 2019" .... ;)


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It’s our 50th wedding anniversary next year and we have booked a cruise from Broome to Cairns. We will stay in Broome for a week before as we have only had a few nights there. At the end we hope to catch up with my sister who lives in Mission Beach, not far from Cairns.
We have travelled in The Kimberley's by land 20 years ago but it will be different by sea.
It’s explore home country time in 2019 after 8 weeks in Europe at the end of this year. We plan to revisit some areas in our Victorian backyard for short breaks before the cruise in October.


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I will be retiring in just seven weeks, so I'm hoping that 2019 will be full of adventures (my husband retired five years ago). Currently working on getting him to agree to spend up to three months in Italy (my happy place) so we'll see. We have plans (but no tickets yet) to go to both Costa Rica (Jan or Feb) and Hawaii in March, with hopefully Italy in May and/or the fall. There are so many places I'd like to go to -- and to return to. I'm looking forward to as much travel my time and $$ will allow!

Joe Baumann

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No definitive plans yet, but I do hope to get to England as the England portion of my trip was cancelled this past March due to snow in the NY area. Luckily I still made it to Italy.

chiaro di Luna

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2019 Plans: snagged business seats with my aeroplan reward miles so I'm flying into Santiago, Chile for a few days, cruising around the Horn for 2 weeks and staying in Buenos Aires a few days before flying home.
Still wondering what to do in the fall of 2019----was there ever any Slow Trav reunion plans ie: like we did in Georgia?


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I will be travelling to Paris in April for 10 days & then going to Provence for 11 nights at kathy & charley's
Bonnieux apartment,Avignon for 4 nights & marseille for 2 nights ,then to London for 7-10 days with my
cousin before returning to LA.


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Haven't planned much yet (as always), but I want to visit Budapest so much this summer! Probably this desire partially comes from the fact that I'm in love with a movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel" :D


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