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Travel Plans 2019?

So I guess it is time to start thinking about 2019!

We are considering Venice in May for the Bienniale and a week or two elsewhere, perhaps in the Veneto.
Then in October, thinking Spain.
And if a stray killer airfare pops up, London is always a great Winter getaway for museums and theater.

What's on your horizon?
In Spain, you should go to Barcelona, Toledo, Salamanca, Madrid. Beautiful places. I'm planning to go to Greece (not sure about dates yet) and Portugal. Right now my sister is in Salamanca, so I might visit her in February.


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Since I'm going on three trips in 2018 (two vacation, one work related), I had no plans whatsoever for any travels in 2019 until recently. My older daughter and I are now dreaming of a return to Italy after Easter, so late April-early May. Nothing definite though. I found a fab looking apartment in Irsina (Basilicata) that I've bookmarked with high hopes, but we could end up anywhere at this point!
Just thought I would pass along this beautiful 500 year old stone house in the middle of the town of Beynac. We always stay in this lovely place, and they just added the pool. Sitting on the terrace, overlooking the river, and Castles beyond is truly special. Two master bedrooms. Warning, it is a bit hard to get in and out of, since it's in the middle of the village, half way up to the castle. The house is also on three floors, and has a very modern kitchen. We love the place so much, we can't stay away. It was once owned by an actual Knight. The owner lives in the states, and is easy to contact.



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We're doing something we've never done before: a transatlantic cruise (Queen Mary 2) in late May. We'll stay in England for 2.5 weeks (Hereford, Cornwall, and Kent) and then head over to France for about three weeks (Brittany, the Dordogne, and the Loire Valley).

We almost planned for all of the trip on the continent because of Brexit, but the pull of England is too much. How are others heading to England in 2019 feeling?

Our big concern (hopefully unwarranted) is the trip from England to France. If no deal is reached, do you think it could disrupt travel into May and June? (I know no one really knows...just looking for gut feelings). We haven't decided if we'll fly, take a ferry, or the Eurostar into France. I haven't seen much written about how travel to and from the continent will work aside from articles about UK citizens travelling to the continent. What are your thoughts, UK friends?
I don't think (I least I hope so) that there would be additional disruption, at least with Eurostar. There are already immigration (passport) check and security check between London and Paris for at least a couple of years. The same with flying.
Our plans are slowly taking shape, but as usual, I have several different scenarios. Our possibilities include (but are not limited to!):

  • Fly to Scotland for the Royal Tatoo (held during August), staying no more than a week, and NOT renting a car. (I'm NEVER driving on the left again) We may or may not spend a few days in London before flying to Italy in mid-to-late August. Right now all the TA cruises are too expensive so we'd probably just fly home in early Nov.
  • Fly directly to Italy in early to mid August, staying for about 3 months. During that time we'd make a visit to either Sicily or Croatia. Fly home in early November.
I'm completely up in the air over these possibilities, but hope to narrow them down soon. I think Art would prefer Sicily first, then Croatia, but those would require more research than Scotland/England, and I'm getting lazy in my old age and prefer easier, more familiar places.
New Zealand in January, Puglia and Amalfi Coast in late April, early May, Florence/Tuscany and Venice in latter half of July.

May also book something in September as well.


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