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Trip Advisor about to make some major changes

Well, I wouldn't want to be bombarded with adverts, still less to be pressured to lock into it as a "community". As with so much other software around, I don't particularly want their idea of being "helpful" (which often isn't). I'd rather have a plain interface that makes it easy to search for the information I'm looking for, and to understand how to navigate where I want to go on the site. No frills, no suggestions.


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Agree entirely, Patrick. If it's becoming more like Facebook (which is certainly not an enticement for me), it probably implies it's going to be less searchable.


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I use the TA forums for Israel info but don’t like the way they work. Hard to search, pushing you towards the main site. Looks like it will get worse.

Facebook and Trip Advisor are going to kill the smaller, independent travel forums.


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