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UK Weather - a bad winter!


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This has not been a good winter in the UK. Our third, or is it fourth?, named storm in three weeks is coming in. In Dorset we’ve had strong winds, rain, cold. Today is sunny but 40mph winds and cold. It gets worse in the next few days.

The River Severn has had a lot of flooding. Currently Ironbridge is being flooded. A few weeks ago there was bad flooding in the north and in Wales.

But today while out walking I saw trees flowering and the daffodils are out. Hoping for better weather soon!


Rough seas at West Bay (Dorset).

For the other Brits on the forum, how is it where you are?


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It hasn't been as bad here in Swansea, South Wales as it has been in some places.

As we are on the coast we don't get snow as much as some of the hillier parts inland. We've had lots of storms, though, with high winds and rain. As soon as one finishes another one comes along. The flooding seems to have mostly been in the valleys of South Wales.

I thought I could smell spring in the air this morning, bu that's probably just hope manifesting itself!


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