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Pauline, I guess it isn't possible to post videos here? I was wondering because I was experimenting with my iPhone's Live Photos, which are actually very short videos (about 2 - 3 sec). In the Photo of the Day I posted a couple of still photos from a lighted art festival in Napa, but the live photos are a lot cooler since they communicate the effect of the moving lights. If you look at this Google album you can see some examples. One of them is an actual video (17 sec) but the other animated ones are all iPhone live photos.
Xenforo does not support Live Photos. I think a Live photo is not in video format. You can upload video in the Media section but I think a Live photo uploads as a still image.

For anyone reading this: I was not sure what Live photo was. This article explains it. My iPhone keeps turning Live photo on even though I turned it off last time. I found an article that showed how you can turn it off in Photos, then go into settings for camera and tell it to keep the last setting and not turn on Live photo each time you start Camera. Live photos take up more storage.
That link from Xenforo says Live photos are .mp4, but they are actually .mov files, which is a Mac formal. I guess Xenforo does not support that? I was surprised that I could put them in Google Photos, but it had no problem displaying them.
When I upload one it uploads as a jpg.

This article says it is two files, a jpg and a mov.

“What is a Live Photo file made of?
This is where it gets interesting–and goes a long way to explaining what a Live Photo can and can’t do and how it can be shared. Technically speaking a Live Photo file is made up of two separate files: a 12MP JPEG image and a 3-second (1.5 second before and after the still image) MOV video file. These two files are contained in a package container and simultaneously displayed as one when you view a Live Photo on your device. Because a Live Photo is both a still image and a video file, each Live Photo will take up twice the space of a normal photo.”
When I copy the iPhone file to my computer, I do see the two separate files. I just uploaded one of the .mov files to the Test area in Media and it worked. Here is the link to it.
And I finally found the instructions for embedding it in a message, so here it is. You have to click on the picture to see it moving. I also just put a couple of the live photos in the Photo of the Day.
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