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Who offers the best food tours in France?

Ann R

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I would like to sign up for a tour somewhere in France that has a emphasis on food, cooking, markets, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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The ultimate experience would be a week with Patricia Wells in Provence or Paris! These programs book up well in advance and are also pricey. The Provence week (Sunday dinner through Friday lunch) is $5,000, excluding lodging.
I've also heard very good things about Kate Hill's program in Gascony.

Were you wanting to focus on one region or move around a bit? The cuisine in France is so regionally-oriented, I think most tours like this are based in just one region. I'd love to hear what you decide to do.

Ann R

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Thanks everyone! Please keep this thread going. I'm still in search of great ideas for a month of food in France. Looks like it may be either a very hot August/September or a cold November trip...

Ann R

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Wow Dana! That would be so much fun. You know the reason I chose to come live in Italy and not France is because I LOVE French pastures and I don't like Italian pastries or desserts. It's just self preservation . . .


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