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Florence On My Own: Three Weeks of Studying Italian and Very Slow Travel


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From FLR to EWR

I just barely fit everything into my luggage and wait for the cab that Miriam has called. It is a lovely ride, as I chat with the driver. I think sadly that this may be my last opportunity to speak Italian in a very long time. Oh well.

Then to the check-in. I keep only my purse and backpack. At the duty-free shops, I buy some chocolate and two bags of biscotti di Prato. Somehow I fit it all in my purse and backpack, as I am afraid they will not let me on the plane with a shopping bag. The flight is uneventful, as is the wait in Milan and the flight home (somehow in Milan I buy myself a pink Swatch). My car service picks me up and …..that’s all, folks!


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Contest 2019 Winner!
Fabulous report, I really enjoyed all the detail.
I was at the Koine School in 2010, and also had Marco for an instructor! Loved him!

Linda Ross

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This is fantastic! Thank you!!! I am home in Pennsylvania wishing I could be there in Florence at our little Oltrarno apartment eating ribollita. Glad you found the Caravaggio (my favorite) and were also able to see Botticelli. I have not had much experience as a solo traveler so I think you are very brave. Sounds liberating to an extent. Thank you so much for the report - I loved reading it :)


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