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Looking for St Cirq (Mellen?) who used to post suggestions on the Dordogne forum


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Hi all,

I haven’t been on this site in forever as we’ve been traveling to Africa and India and SE Asia. Now we’re planning our 3rd trip to the Dordogne for next May (hopefully as we’re in the US)! I remember getting suggestions from someone who calked herself St Cyprien. Any idea how I can reach her?
Thanks and stay safe.



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And wasn’t her screen name St Cirq? I’ll look it up.

We’ve had some good conversations on these forums about the Dordogne. You could do a search.

Nice to hear from you!


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I found her on Fodors. There is a 2008 trip report there. And she has posted recently. I can’t see how to message her.

I searched our member list here and I don’t think she is registered.

If you figure out how to talk to her on Fodors, ask her if I can post her old SlowTrav articles here.

She had a few trip reports on SlowTrav. I have copies of them all and am moving them to these forums but can only do that with permission of the author. The list is here:


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The Wayback Machine has a copy of SlowTrav.

Here are Mellen’s articles (her name is Mellen Candage):

Dordogne Region -

Walnuts in the Perigord -

And her trip reports.

Report 346: Dordogne, April 2004
By Mellen Candage from VA, Spring 2004

Report 297: Summer 2002 at our home in the Périgord
By StCirq from USA/France, Summer 2002

Report 222: StCirq's Totally Unplanned Trip - Part 1
By StCirq from VA, Fall 2003


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Here are two trip reports for the Dordogne.

Seven Travellers in the Dordogne, the Loire Valley and La Rochelle, Fall 2010 by @Doug Phillips

A week spent dawdling through the Dordogne by @Eleanor

I spent a week in the Dordogne in 2013 but I can’t find my trip report.


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