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  1. Doru

    Doru's Italian Notebook - Summer 2002 (Lakes, Venice, Tuscany, Milan)

    By Doru from Toronto, Canada, Summer 2002. Doru & Josette on a three week adventure in the Italian Lakes, Venice, Tuscany, and Milan. Preface and Departure Sometime in December 2001, with the spring 2002 trip to Spain all planned out and committed, I became antsy again. It was a funny kind of...
  2. Gina2178

    Murano Glass Factory Recommendations? Burano Lace?

    Background: My husband, mother-in-law (MIL), two daughters (9, 11), and myself are venturing to Italy for 14 days in June. It's my MIL and our girls first trip to Italy. I've been to Venice twice in recent years but have never visited the islands. Since we haven't been AND my MIL is an artisan...
  3. Doru

    Doru's Italian Notebook - Sept 2003 (Venice, Veneto, Tuscany, Florence)

    By Doru from Toronto, Canada, Fall 2003. Venice, then up the River Po from Venice to Cremona (...or so we thought...), with day excursions to Murano and Burano, Padova, Ferrara, Mantova, Parma and Cremona, then on to Castellina in Chianti and parts of the Chiantigiana, ending in Florence. Fair...
  4. Janie

    Article about Venice: Row your own boat

    An article about a different way to experience Venice, but also a good summary of the issues brought in by tourism. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/travel/destinations/paddling-away-from-the-tourist-throngs-in-venice/article32127160/