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Post Here to Enter the Slow Europe Contest 2019

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To qualify to enter the contest:
  1. You must be a member of the Slow Europe Forums.
  2. You must have 10 or more posts on the forums (post count is displayed with your user information). Private messages and profile posts do not count. Posts must be meaningful, not just posted for the sake of posting.
  3. You must post (or have posted previously) a trip report in one of the Trip Report forums OR a resource in our Resources section. The trip report or resource posted must be 500 or more words. You may link to your blog for a trip report but only if you include a summary of your trip that is 500 or more words.
To enter the contest:
  • To officially enter the contest you must post a reply on this thread before Friday 12 April 4pm (16:00) GMT - which is 5pm BST in the UK, 12pm (noon) EDT on the US east coast and 9am PDT on the US west coast. I will close this thread at that time.
  • Your post must contain a link to your posted trip report or resource, or the name of the trip report or resouce so I can look it up.
  • When I have accepted your entry, I will click "like" on your post.
  • You may enter only once. Your partner/spouse/family member can enter if they also qualify.
  • Pauline and Steve cannot enter :)
  • Prize givers may enter the contest.
List of Prizes:
Click to see our list of prizes.

How winners will be selected:
Winners will be selected Saturday 13 April 2019 at 5pm GMT UK time (which is 9am PST on the US West Coast, 12pm EST on the US East Coast). The member names of the people who have entered will be put into a (Tilley) hat and the names drawn in order. The number of names drawn equals the number of prizes, so there is one prize for each person. The first person drawn will be the first to pick their prize, and so on.

The list of winners will be posted on the Slow Europe forums and each winner will be sent a PM and an email. Each winner, in order, will have 48 hours to choose their prize giving them time to contact prize givers for more information. It may take a couple of weeks for everyone to make their selection. When they have selected, they will notifiy me and I will notify the next person on the winners list so they can choose.

Prize givers will be notified by Slow Europe with contact information for their prize winner.

Prize winners will be given contact information for the prize and must book directly with prize giver to claim their prize.

Don't post anything on this thread except to enter the contest.

Good luck everyone!
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