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Nouvelle-Aquitaine Three Roman Tower in Gers

The Biran Roman Tower (Pile gallo-romaine de La Turraque) is one of a few Roman towers in the countryside in southern Gers. We sought out three of these towers near Biran, in the River Baise valley. The Michelin map for the Midi-Pyrenees #525 has three towers marked - Biran Roman Tower, Lasserre Roman Tower and St Lary Roman Tower. The Biran Roman Tower is the best preserved and easiest to find.

Location: France - Novelle-Aquitaine - Gers - Biran
On the day we were finding these towers we had a lovely lunch at Le Pas Pareil on the main street in Vic Fezensac.

These are the three towers that we found:

- Biran Roman Tower. This is the best example in the area and is easy to find. The tower sits in a field beside the River Baise. From the N124 between Auch and Vic Fezensac take the D939 south in direction Mirande. Take the second left lane to Biran, cross the river and you will see it in a field on your left.

- Lasserre Roman Tower. It is on a small road that goes from the N124 west of Auch north to St Lary on the D930. This road is signed for the town of Larroque with a sign for the Roman tower ("Pile gallo-romaine"). This tower is in a field at the top of the hill. Turn right on the first lane you come to and you will see the tower. You can walk right up to it. Well worth seeking it out.

- St Lary Roman Tower. This one is hard to find and you can't get close. It is on a hillside in the woods near St Lary (on the D930, south of Valence sur Baise). I would skip this one. (If you want to see it, take the lane west from the D930 in St Lary, go over the river, turn right on a lane along the river. When you come to a few modern cottages on the left, look up past the cottages, past farm fields, to the woods and you will see it peeking out of the trees.)


Biran Roman Tower sits in a field beside the River Baise.


Lasserre Roman Tower sits in a field at the top of a hill.


St Lary Roman Tower is hard to find and you can't get close. The red arrow points to the tower.

Google Map
Location of Biran Roman Tower.

More Photos
Photos of all three towers.

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