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Trip Reports from the old SlowTrav website

Carol DeLucia

New Member
SlowTrav went offline in 2018. There were 800+ trip reports on the site, written by SlowTrav members. I love trip reports. Since 2014 we have been collecting trip reports on Slow Europe, in the Trip Reports forums (by country).

I have a copy of all the old SlowTrav trip reports (I used site cloning - scraping - software) but I cannot legally publish them on Slow Europe unless I have the permission of the author.

Here is the list of all the old trip reports on SlowTrav. The ones that have been moved are marked and have a link to their new location.

If you have a trip report that was on SlowTrav and would like to move it to Slow Europe, it can be moved in one of two ways:

1. I will send you a Word doc with your trip report. You can then publish it on the forums.
2. I will publish it for you.

Contact me by PM (click INBOX in the upper right) if you would like your trip reports published here.

It does not matter if the trip report is older. I have been re-reading many of them and they are still relevant and interesting.

Thanks to those of you who have already moved your trip reports over!
I just noticed this post and thought it would be nice to post my old trip report...
460: Capri, Tuscany, Venice and Family in Caserta, Spring 2004
Capri, Tuscany, Venice and Family in Caserta, Spring 2004.
SInce I can't find the inbox...it must be that time of the day...it would be great if you can just publish it for me. Thanks so much! Carol DeLucia


Forums Admin
Hi Carol, I will add you to the list. I’ll send you a message when I am ready to copy it over, but it will be in a few weeks. I’m heading out on a trip and am behind on this project. Thanks!


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