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Carsulae (Parco archeologico di Carsulae) was a Roman town on the Via Flaminia, founded in 300 BC. Visit the remains of the Forum, monumental necropolis, baths, arch of San Damiano, theater and amphitheater. A long stretch of the Via Flaminia is visible. The remains of Carsulae were not built upon in modern times, so you see how the town was originally. The on-site museum displays statues and tomb stones found in there.

Location: Italy - Umbria - Terni - San Gemini
Located in the countryside in southern Umbria, near San Gemini. Coming from Acquasparta to the north there are very few signs. There is a large parking area about 500m from the site. At the site there is a small museum and cafe.
Paid entry. Check the website for opening hours.
Website: Carsulae Archeological Park

Roman Sites in Carsulae

Carsulae was on the western branch of the Via Flaminia. The road went through the center of the town.

The Forum, or public square, is on the west side of the Via Flaminia. The remains of a Basilica are on the other side of the road.

The Arch of San Damiano, on the Via Flaminia, was the northern entrance to the town. The arch dates to the Augustan era, when much of the Via Flaminia was renovated. Only the central arch for carts remains. There were smaller arches on each side for pedestrians.

Tombstone monuments for prestigious families of Carsulae are just north of the arch, outside of the town. One tomb contained a lead box with the remains of a girl, along with gold earrings and a necklace.

The Amphitheater and Theater were being restored when we visited in 2015. The Amphitheater was built into a natural cavity in the ground and dates to the 1st century AD. The Theater was built above ground and is older.

The Church of Saints Cosma and Damiano was built in the 11th century, using parts of an existing building from the 2nd century AD.


Arch of Saint Damiano (Arco di San Damiano) on Via Flaminia at entrance to town.

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