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SlowTrav Memories - SlowTrav Contest 2004

Memories – of the SlowTrav Contest 2004
Note: This is a memory of our first SlowTrav contest in 2004.

The Slow Travel Contest - July 2004

Our 3rd Year Anniversary contest was held in July 2004 to celebrate the anniversary of the message board (started spring 2001). This was our first contest and it was a great success!! Many thanks to all those who generously donated such wonderful prizes and to those who worked hard to enter the contest. We received over 50 photo essays, 75 trip reports and 70 travel notes. All are posted on the website.

The deadline for submitting entries was July 1. Between July 1 and 15, the moderators read all the entries and picked out 50 winners. On July 15, these names were put into a hat and drawn in order.


Steve and Valerie drawing the contest winners

Winners picked their prizes on the message board in the order their names were drawn. It took a week to distribute the prizes to the first 50 winners. Then 10 runners up were announced and they selected their prizes. That took another two days.

We ran three online quizzes. When we drew names, we put blanks in for the three online quizzes (not for grand prizes) and when we came to them in the ordered winners list, then we had an online quiz. One was an easter egg hunt through the site, the others were a series of questions that had to be answered online.

Our Grand Prizes

Summer in Italy - For up to 10 people: One week in Villa Trotta south of the Amalfi coast.
Winner: Marian. Trip Report 454 - Florence on my Own

La Bella Toscana - For up to 2 people: One week in apartment I Tigli in the Tuscan countryside close to Siena and San Gimignano.
Winner: Steph, How to Evaluate Websites

Papavero Rentals, At home in Italy - For up to 2 people: One week in our favorite cozy apartment in Venice, Ca'Barnaba. Located in the Dorsoduro area.
Winner: Ann, top 3 with most vacation rental reviews posted

Comfortitalia - For up to 3 people: One week at Farnese II studio apartment in Rome.
Winner: Robert from Santa Monica, Trip Report 165 - Rome for Two Weeks

Grifoglia - For 2 people: One week in one of our apartments in the Tuscan mountain countryside, north of Lucca.
Winner: WendyAsh, top 3 with most vacation rental reviews posted

Verdetecnica - For up to 3 people: One week in one of our apartments in Sicily, on the south/west coast.
Winner: Rachel, top 3 with most vacation rental reviews posted

Amalfi Life - For up to 4 people: One week in one of the romantic villas at Borgo degli Dei on the Amalfi Coast.
Winner: Brigolante, The Umbrian Sagra Survival Guide


Cook Italy - For up to 2 people: Cooking Class and accommodation in the Lucca province of Tuscany - 4 cooking classes and 3 nights farmhouse accommodation.
Winner: Barb (and Art), for their blog (no longer on Slow Travel)

AutoEurope - 7 day car rental in Europe. Mid-size, manual vehicle.*
*Excluding tax, CDW and theft insurance, optional items, gas and airport surcharge if applicable.
Winner: Shannon, won our first Online Contest

World Real Estate Srl (romepower.com) - For up to 2 people: One week in apartment in the heart of Rome (specific weeks).
Winner: Denise, Trip Report 305 - San Miguel Trip Report

Knowital - A case of Lucca: 6 bottles of Lucca wine and 6 bottles of Lucca olive oil to be shipped to you.
Winner: Lorac, photo essay

Elegant Etruria - Book: A copy of the new book "Travels to Tuscany and Northern Lazio" by Mary Jane Cryan.
Winner: EVO, photo essay
Winner: Vyolett, Trip Report 408 - 10 Too-Short Days in Ireland

Slow Travel - $100 gift certificate for Amazon.com.
Winner: Staci, A Spectacular Sojourn in Sunny Seville
Winner: Janet, photo essay

Chow Bella Books - Book: A copy of the book "Chow! Venice, Savoring the Food and Wine of La Serenissima" by Ruth Edenbaum and Shannon Essa. Plus free Venice advice forever and dinner in either New Jersey or San Diego at one of our homes, or in Venice.
Winner: Karin, Trip Report 207 - 8 Days in Eastern Liguria and Piemonte
Winner: GulleyJimson, photo essay (photos removed by member)
Winner: Robert Rainey, Running in Italy

Italian Excursions - Original unframed small watercolors from Rome and Venice. Purchased from the artist.
Winner: Valerie, The Roman Holiday Tour - Walking into the Movie Scenes
Winner: St Cirq, Walnuts in the Perigord, Walnut Wines and Liquors
Winner: Shannon, California: Disneyland for Grownups

Italy: Instructions for Use - Book: A copy of the only pocket guide devoted entirely to the practicalities of Italian travel - "Italy: Instructions for Use".
Winner: AnnieNC, My Favorite Lesser-Known Churches in Venice
Winner: David, Overview of Purchasing Real Estate in France
Winner: Lorac, Trip Report 460 - Capri, Tuscany, Venice and Family in Caserta, Spring 2004

Karen from Italy - 2 bottles of olive oil from Italy: Paganelli from Santarcangelo and Collarica from Calabria
Winner: Boleskine, Trip Report 340 - Winter in Venice

El Marsam Studio - Book: An autographed copy of the book "Deeply Rooted" by Ginda Simpson.
Winner: KenC, photo essay

El Marsam Studio - A signed art print of original painting (of Italy) matted and ready to frame by Ginda Simpson.
Winner: Mizz Eve, Trip Report 97 - Solo Trip to Italy

Umbria Holidays - Rubriche in cuoio leather, hand made in Tuscany. A "rubriche" is a book used for journal writing.
Winner: Valerie, NM: Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, NM: Albuquerque Restaurant List

Dream of Italy - Magazine: One-year subscription, by mail, of the magazine "Dream of Italy".
Winner: Denise from Venice Rentals, Tips For Your Arrival into Venice

Chianti Cashmere Company - Hand-woven 100% Cashmere scarf.
Winner: Andrzej, How to Enjoy Ticino the Slow Travel Way

Maureen from MA (moderator) - Two bottles of olive oil from the family farm in Corchiano (VT), 2004 raccolto.
Winner: Janet, Oaxaca, Mexico, photo essay

Gloria Espinoza, Sonoma Vacation Home - Personally made gift basket of locally made products from the Sonoma Valley (includes olive oil from The Olive Press, a vinaigrette from The Girl and the Fig, and other lovely food things from local businesses).
Winner: Susjc, Trip Report 380 - Italy in August Trip

Behind the Tower - Book: The Lost Ships of Pisa: A Sea Adventure by Michael Sedge.
Winner: Doru, SWIFT and Money Transfers

Telestial - Ericsson World Cell Phone and Italy SIM card.
Winner: Trishmael, won our second Online Contest

Cellular Abroad - One cell phone package - a T68 World Cell Phone with any European SIM card!
Winner: Sarah Walker, Munich, Germany Travel Notes (several pages)

Hennessey + Ingalls - Book: Urbino, The Story of a Renaissance City, By June Osborne.
Winner: David, Trip Report 213 - A Hot Time in Cornwall

3 Millennia Tours - For up to 4 people: 3 hour private tour in Rome.
Winner: Robert from Santa Monica, Books on Rome

3 Millennia Tours - For up to 4 people: Four spaces on the group tour(s) of your choice.
Winner: Doru, Trip Report 140, Trip Report 439 - Second Italian Notebook (Veneto and Tuscany) / 12 Days in Paris

ICON Tours, Rome - For up to 6 people: A walking tour package of Rome's most treasured sights. Totaling 8 hours of sightseeing.
Winner: Wendy&Rob, photo essay

La Torretta - For 2 people: Two nights accommodation in double room with view including breakfast at La Torretta B&B Casperia (Lazio, Italy).
Winner: WendyAsh, Cornwall, England, Travel Notes (several pages)

Divina Cucina - For 2 people: One day cooking class in Florence, Italy. Includes walking tour of Central Market, tastings, cooking class with meal and fabulous wines, copy of my cookbook and Divina Cucina apron.
Winner: Kaydee, Trip Report 373, Trip Report 269 - Alsace in Slow Motion and Family Trip to England

David from NY (former moderator) - For up to 4 people: Multi-course gourmet dinner, complete with wines, cooked and hosted by (semi-) retired moderator David at his Upper West Side apartment in New York City.
Winner: EllenS, Planning and Executing a Large Group Trip to Europe

Fontana del Papa - For 2 people: One night stay in double junior suite Fontana del Papa, including breakfast, dinner and wine tasting at Fontana del Papa - Monti della Tolfa (Lazio, Italy).
Winner: Maria I, won our third Online Contest

Cook Italy - For 2 people: Gourmet walking tour of Bologna's fabulous food markets and delis full of the regions' - and all of Italy's - top produce and products.
Winner: ColleenK, Trip Report 280 - 10 Days in Spain

Villa Concierge - For 2 people: Private wine instruction and tasting in English. 1.5 hours in an enoteca on one of the oldest streets in Rome.
Winner: Shannon, Eating and Drinking in Spain

Tuscan Traveler - For up to 4 people: Two hour private guided tour of Florence.
Winner: cmvnapa, Trip Report 368 - Two Weeks in Italy

Villa Rosa - For 2 people: Accommodation for three nights in October for two people in our apartment "Le Rose".
Winner: Steph, Public Transportation in Rome

Discount Prizes

Brigolante Guest Apartments - 25% discount on weekly rental rate in any of our three apartments on farm near Assisi.
Winner: Alice Twain, Trains in Italy (several pages)

S. Potente Agriturismo S.a.s., - 20% off on weekly rentals on any of our self-catering accommodation in Umbria.
Winner: Dennis Love, Paris, Tea and Wine

Stephano - 40% off rental of apartment in Umbria (for two people).
Winner: Shannon, for her blog (no longer on Slow Travel)

El Marsam B&B - 3-course dinner with wine (for two people) with booking at El Marsam B&B.
Winner: Annie M, Trip Report 400 - Viaggio a Roma 8 days in Rome

Villa Rosa - 25% discount on rental of either of our apartments or the cottage (in Umbria, near Perugia).
Winner: JeanneW, Trip Report 450 - 7 Days in Norcia

InTuscany - 10% discount for a booking in any of the properties.
Winner: Grinisa, Trip Report 288, Trip Report 166 - Rome with Kids combined with Umbria and Rome

Agriturismo Alla Madonna del Piatto - 30% discount on a cooking class for 4 people in Umbria.
Winner: ColleenK, Florence Shopping Notes

La Belle Cour - 20% off of a week's rental at our home in southern France.
Winner: Jeanne, Slow Traveling Around Ireland with Jeanne

Living-rome.com - 20% off on weekly rentals on any of our self-catering accommodation in Rome.
Winner: Andrzej, Vaud, for City Animals and Art Lovers

Discover Sardinia - 25% off a one week villa rental, choose from any of our hundreds of villas in Sardinia, Italy.
Winner: Gavin, Trip Report 415 - Foodies Trips to Italy

Perfectly Paris - Stay one week at our Villa des Platanes apartment or Cottage in Montmartre and get a second week free.
Winner: Trishmael, Trip Report 236 - Italian Sabbatical

Charming apartments Villa Nuba - Choose one of our elegant apartments in Perugia, Umbria, make a formal booking for two weeks and you will pay only for one week.
Winner: Rar, Everything Bologna

Villa del Sole - 25% off for minimum 3 nights stay, B&B in Sorrento, Italy. Note: The owner of this B&B, Antonello, runs the Sorrento web cam!!
Winner: Tony da Roma, Croatia (Hrvatska)

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