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Sicily Roman Villa of Casale

The Roman Villa of Casale (Villa Romana del Casale), the remains of a villa built in the 4th century as a summer home for a member of the Imperial family, contains one of the best collections of Roman mosaics in the world. An open sided building sits over the villa remains and you view the mosaic floors from walkways. The villa has 62 rooms with 42 mosaic floors with very detailed pictures created by the mosaics. The most impressive mosaic is the 197 feet long "Great Hunt" showing the hunt, capture and transportation of wild animals from North Africa and India to Rome.

Location: Italy - Sicily - Enna - Piazza Armerina
Located 6km from Piazza Armerina in the interior of Sicily. It is best reached by car.
Hours: Open all day (does not close mid-day). Parking available. There is a restaurant and gift shop.
Website: Roman Villa of Casale


Room of the Girls in Bikinis.

37 different colors were used in these mosaics. Some of the best mosaics are:

- The Hall of the Great Hunt, showing the hunting and capture of wild animals from North Africa and India. These animals were transported to Rome to be used in the amphitheaters. This outstanding mosaic is 60 meters (197 feet) long and 3 meters (10 feet) wide.

- Room of the Cupid Fishermen

- The Small Hunt

- Room of the Girls in Bikinis, showing 10 girls doing sports.

- The Vestibule of the Little Circus, showing whimsical chariots.

- The Vestibule of Eros and Pan

- The Cubicle with Erotic Scene


The Hall of the Great Hunt.

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